Jensen Weather Radio MSR7007 User Manual

MSR Quick Reference Guide  
DISP/SCROLL: (Turn vehicle  
ignition on and radio off.)  
Press and hold until time  
flashes on screen. Use  
TUNE/TRK to set the  
Power On/Off:  
Push to turn power  
ON or OFF.  
hours and minutes.  
TUNE/TRK: Press << to  
adjust the HOURS and >> to  
adjust the MINUTES. “AM” or  
“PM” will appear on display.  
After no adjustment has  
been made for five seconds,  
the time will be set.  
MUTE: Press to  
MUTE audio.  
MODE: With each  
press of the button the  
radio will change through  
the following modes:  
AUDIO MENU: With each press of the button  
EQ/LOUD: Press to choose one of the  
choose from the following AUDIO ADJUSTMENT predefined bass and treble curves.  
options: BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE (left to right), Press and hold to turn loudness ON/OFF.  
& FADER (front to back). Press and hold to access  
TUNER (AM/FM selected  
through BAND button),  
*SAT, CD, AUX and *iPOD.  
PTY: Press to get program  
list type. Use VOLUME but-  
tons to select. Press SEEK  
< or > to tune to selected  
program type station.  
TUNE: Press > to tune  
UP in frequency. Press <  
to tune DOWN in frequency.  
group FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1,  
or AM2 each with 6 channel  
memory locations.  
WB: Press and hold to  
listen to WEATHERBAND.  
AS/PS: Press to SCAN  
through currently stored  
presets. Press & hold to  
STORE strongest broad-  
cast stations in your area.  
Press & hold to store current channel playing.  
Momentarily press to recall stored channel.  
NOTE: you can store up to 18 channels  
(6 channels per band FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1, AM2).  
EJECT: Slide to the right to  
open door and EJECT CD.  
(See backside for details).  
TUNE/TRK: Press to tune  
to next track. Press and hold  
WIND current track playing.  
Press to PLAY or  
PAUSE current audio.  
RPT: Press to  
RDM: Press when CD is DN: Press when  
playing to play each track in MP3 mode to  
UP: Press when  
in MP3 mode to  
INTRO SCAN: Press when  
CD is playing to play each  
track for 10 seconds in se-  
REPEAT current  
playing track. Press in RANDOM order. Press select folder DOWN. select folder UP.  
quential order. Press again to release function. again for NORMAL play.  
to SELECT current song.  
*Some features may not be available depending on installed factory options.  
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