Jensen Speaker SL212 User Manual

Jensen SL210/212 Slot-Loaded Subs Quick Start Guide  
Connecting 12V DC Power for  
12V DC Input for Jensen Lighting  
Head Unit  
The lighting features of all Jensen  
products require a 12 volt power source to  
operate. The polarity (+ and -) indicators  
for each set of inputs also appear on the  
terminal cup.  
12 volt switched  
+ DC source  
Do not connect an amplifier or any audio  
source to Jensen lighting inputs. Inputs  
are designed for a switched 12-Volt DC  
power source only. Do not connect your  
Jensen product directly to your battery, as  
it will cause your battery to discharge.  
Be sure to maintain polarity. and be sure  
to connect to a constant switched 12 volt  
source. Connect the switched positive (+)  
12 volt wire to the Positive (+) lighting  
input terminal and connect the negative  
(- ) lighting input terminal to a good  
WARNING: The rectangular shape of the  
Subwoofer provides increased resistance to  
tipping. To avoid vehicle damage or personal  
injury that may occur should the enclosure become  
detached, please ensure that the enclosure is  
securely mounted to a surface with adequate strength  
and rigidity to support it under stress conditions such  
as road vibration and sudden stops.  
chassis ground or negative (- ) ground  
NOTE: Must use 12 volt switched output ONLY.  
NOTICE: There are no removable or serviceable parts  
on the speaker. Tampering with the speaker or any of  
it's components will damage the speaker and void the  
Audiovox Electronics Corpora
©2007 orporation  
Wiring Your Bass Enclosure  
CARE AND CLEANING: Fingerprints and smudges  
can be removed from the acrylic by buffing lightly with  
a lint-free cloth. Light scratches can be buffed out by  
using an acrylic/plexi polish or fine rubbing compound;  
however, avoid getting any compound on the cabinet  
carpeting. The enclosure is the same material used  
for premium quality home audio speakers, but  
covered with carpet instead of veneer. Dirt on the  
carpet can be cleaned with common carpet cleaners  
and a brush.  
150 Ma
e, New York 11788  
Connect the positive (+) wire from amplifier output to  
the positive terminal (red) on enclosure.  
Connect the negative (-) wire from the amplifier output  
to the negative terminal (black) on enclosure.  
Need help? For technical assistance, call the Jensen customer support line at 1-800-323-4815.  
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