Jensen Scandinavia Network Router AirLink 25150 11n User Manual

Wireless 150 Mbps Mini USB Stick—11n  
Air:Link 25150  
Wireless Mini USB stick providing  
WPS via »Push-button«  
speeds up to 150 Mbps! Highspeed and  
reliable wireless network for home and  
office with long range.  
Own button for safety (WPS). Press the  
WPS button for automatically encryption  
to the router. (Router need to support  
WPS). It’s that easy!  
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is the  
easiest way to build secured connection  
between wireless network clients and  
this wireless router.  
Mini-size design  
Jensen Air:Link™ 25150 is only 3,4 ×  
0,7 cm  
LongRange – 11n  
A full range of products based on  
802.11n draft 2.0. With this combination  
you can cover a wide area with High-  
Speed and secured wireless network.  
LongRange is compatible with 802.11b/  
g products.  
Local language manuals  
All our manuals are in your own  
local language.  
3 months FREE hotline support  
in your own local language.  
QoS – Quality of Service  
Quality of service provides an efficient  
way for computers on the network to  
share the Internet bandwidth with a  
promised quality of Internet service.  
With the QoS function,you  
Warranty / SWAP-Warranty  
This product is delivered with 20 years  
warranty. In addition we offer one of the  
best SWAP-Warranties on the market!  
can limit the maximum bandwidth or  
give aguaranteed bandwidth for a spe-  
cific computer, to avoid said unpleasing  
result from happening.  
Specifications subject to change without prior notice  
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