Jensen MP3 Player KT2045 User Manual

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After purchasing and downloading music to your PC, you are now ready to move content to  
your player. To transfer the music, you must use Windows Media Player or the application  
recommended by the online music download service. (Note: Services and applications must  
be Windows Media audio-compliant and support Digital Rights Management.)  
Computer System Requirements  
Pentium III 500MHz or higher recommended  
Macintosh iMac G3 or higher  
Windows Me, 2000, or XP  
Mac OS X Version 10.1.5 or higher  
Internet access  
100MB free hard disk space for the software  
64MB RAM (128 MB recommended)  
CD-ROM drive capable of digital audio extraction  
USB port (2.0 recommended)  
Sound card  
DRM works with Windows Media 10 or above  
Warning: Use of this product is for your personal use only. Unauthorized recording or  
duplication of copyrighted material may infringe upon the rights of third parties and may be  
contrary to copyright laws.  
Note :  
Make sure the tracks are encoded in mp3 or Windows Media formats and supported bit rates.  
Bit rates supported by player:  
MP3 - 8 to 320 kbps  
WMA - 5 to 192 kbps  
Precautions for the Unit  
Do not use the unit immediately after transportation from a cold place to a warm place:  
condensation problem may result.  
Avoid shock to the unit especially during recording. Recorded data may be damaged.  
Do not store the unit near fire, places with high temperature or in direct sunlight.  
Do not operate or store unit in places with frequent static electricity or electrical noise  
(e.g. speaker, TV set).  
Clean the unit with a soft cloth or a damp chamois leather. Never use solvents.  
The unit must only be opened by qualified personnel.  
Note: This unit may temporarily cease to function if subjected to electrostatic disturbance.  
To resume normal operation, it may be necessary to cycle the power off and back on or to  
remove and reinstall the batteries.  
Keep product out of direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight or extreme heat (such as  
inside a parked car) may cause damage or malfunction.  
Do not expose to rain or moisture.  
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Caution While Driving  
Use of headphones while operating an automobile or moving vehicle is not recommended and  
is unlawful in some states and areas. Be careful and attentive on the road. Stop operation of  
the unit if you find it disruptive or distracting while driving.  
Important Battery Information  
When storing the unit, be sure to remove the battery because it may leak and damage the  
Battery may leak electrolyte if inserted incorrectly, if disposed of in fire, or if an attempt is  
made to charge a battery not intended to be recharged.  
Discard leaky battery immediately. Leaking battery may cause skin burns or other  
personal injury.  
Do not charge batteries which are not intended to be recharged.  
Dispose of batteries, according to federal, state and local regulations.  
Headphone Safety  
Have a Blast- Just Not in Your Eardrums. Make sure you turn down the volume on  
the unit before you put on headphones. Increase the volume to the desired level only  
after headphones are in place.  
Do not play your headphone at a high volume. Hearing experts warn against extended high  
volume play.  
If you experience a ringing in your ears, reduce volume or discontinue use.  
You should use extreme caution or temporarily discontinue use in potentially hazardous  
situations. Even if your headphone is an open-air type designed to let you hear outside  
sounds, don’t turn up the volume so high that you are unable to hear what is around you.  
Insert battery into the player  
1. To insert battery, open the battery door on back of unit.  
2. Insert a “AAA” battery with polarities corresponding to the indications (+,-) on the  
3. Close the door to the battery compartment.  
Note: Refer to the power level indicator on display for battery level.  
Replace with new battery when the indicator is empty.  
Using Headphone  
Insert phone plug into the phones jack (  
) on the player for listening.  
Connecting the Player to your Computer  
Insert the small end of the provided USB cable into the socket on the unit tightly, then insert the  
large end to the socket of the computer.  
Shielded cables must be used with this unit to ensure compliance with the Class B FCC  
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- Once connected, your computer will assign a new drive letter “X”(X-Any alphabet that  
allocated by your computer) and be called “Removable Disk”. Simply drag and drop music  
files from your music folder to this new folder.  
- Secure music download files must be transferred to your player through Windows Media  
Player or the application recommended by the online music download service. Please visit  
the online music download service’s website where you purchased your content from for  
more details on transferring secure music to your player. For more information on Windows  
DRM (Digital Rights Management)  
What is DRM? It stands for digital rights management, a technology used to protect digital  
products from copyright infringement. When a customer buys a DRM-protected music  
download, the download is encrypted specifically for that customer. To allow the customer to  
use the file on a separate MP3 player they must link the DRM enabled player to Windows  
Media Player 10 and link both applications. This allows the downloaded music file to then be  
used on a separate digital music player.  
How to synchronize the DRM songs into your MP3 player?  
1. Purchase DRM songs from the internet, and download  
them into your computer.  
2. Playback the songs that you downloaded, if it plays, the download was successful. If not  
then you need to download again.  
3. To use the DRM function, the computer OS must be Windows XP system SP2 or higher  
version, installed with Windows Media player 10 (or above) and have an active internet  
4. Connect the DRM MP3 player to your PC.  
How to set your MP3 player DRM download?  
1. Connect the player to your computer using the provided USB cable.  
2. Launch Windows Media Player on the computer and select “SYNC tag”. The  
software will automatically detect the player as a Media Player. (You may  
need to press the F5 button on the keyboard to find your player.)  
3. Once your computer detects the player, it will display the  
following menu. You can now choose to  
synchronize your music automatically or  
manually. When Automatic is selected,  
Windows Media Player will automatically  
synchronize all the library music into the  
player or until the players memory is full.  
4. For Manual, select "Manual" and click  
"Finish", it will display:  
5. Add the songs that you want to  
synchronize into the Sync List.  
6. Click "Start Sync".  
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